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Just as in English, words in Chinese are the basic element for a sentence. Words (with no space in between) plus punctuation form a normal sentence in Chinese. In English, the length of words varies from one letter to over ten letters; there is not a clue to trace the meanings' relevance to the length of the words.

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Chinese written language is a logographic system in which a unique symbol, character, is used to represent lexical morphemes and each character maps to one morpheme rather than to an individual phonemic unit of the spoken language.

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The Clavis Sinica learning system is designed to assist current learners of Chinese to have a smoother study experience and act as an introductory lesson for prospective students. As a prerequisite, users need to have a basic understanding of Chinese characters’ composition and structures for a thorough comprehension. This method is different from the existing approaches. It helps broaden learners’ vocabulary beyond their textbooks.