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Universities and the UK’s EU referendum

Mandarin has become an important language because of China’s increasingly important role in international trade. Chinese is formally spoken by many people in Taiwan (23 million people), China (1.3 billion people),

Why Questions Are More Important Than Answers

Adopting an integrated approach, 鄢文俊 Yan and 盧正體 Lu in 四川井研 Jingyan, Sichuan used meaningful texts in which a family of characters with certain shared features are used (i.e., 字族文 texts of a family of characters).

 What Close Reading Actually Means

Along similar lines, the approach of 谷錦屏 Gu in 天津 Tianjin is to let pre-school children listen to the recitation of texts everyday as a preparation for later actual learning (i.e., 聽讀識字(Listening for learning the characters)).