Vision and Mission

People cannot read Chinese characters because they do not know how to do the analysis. If they know how to decompose a character into several parts, not only can they realize that even merely the extra addition or omission of a dot or stroke to the character is incorrect but also it becomes easy for them to memorize the characters and difficult for them to forget.


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Clavis Sinica is an organization devoted to providing universal access to quality-Chinese Language education to qualified students.

Our vision is grounded in the belief that universal access to education is a key ingredient in the promotion of world peace and global economic development.



Clavis Sinica is based on the belief that education at a minimal cost is a basic right for all suitable applicants, not just for a privileged few. We open the gates of higher education to qualified students anywhere in the world by offering its programs through distance learning and by making this opportunity affordable.


Clavis Sinica creates an inclusive community by making its academic programs, educational services, and employment opportunities available to all qualified individuals from all over the world, and by providing learning opportunities that engage students and faculty from diverse backgrounds.


Clavis Sinica grounds its institutional culture grounded in candor, transparency and best professional practices, and expects all students, faculty, staff, and administrators to uphold the highest standards of personal integrity, honesty and responsibility. Additionally, Clavis Sinica expects its students to take responsibility of their education, and to pursue their studies diligently and with seriousness of purpose.


Clavis Sinica provides a high-quality online academic experience, suitable in its scope and depth to the challenges of the changing world. Clavis Sinica assesses and evaluates all aspects of its academic model on an ongoing basis.