We're Leading Institute To
Teach Chinese Language Worldwide.

Clavis Sinica, A New Method for Rapid Mandarin learning. Welcome to Clavis Sinica, We open the virtual gates of higher education to anyone in the world, transforming access to collegiate level studies from a privilege for the few to a right for all. Clavis Sinica embraces a unique educational model that is high-quality, low-cost and global.
We're Leading Institute To 
</br> Teach Chinese Language Worldwide.
Club Day is coming: are you ready to rock

For several thousand years, written Chinese has fulfilled many needs, evolving from a completely pictographic script used in performing rituals to a modern complex form of communication.

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The biggest Art event will be hold at school

As a wonderful production, Chinese character was brought to us through the 5000-year long history and culture of China.

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  • 86%

    of Class of 2005 Bachelor's Recipients Were Employed
  • 88%

    of Class of 2013 Graduates Hold a Postion Related to Their Degree
  • 8574

    Students Overall Student-athlete Gpa for Spring 2017

Our vision is grounded in the belief that universal access to education is a key ingredient in the promotion of world peace and global economic development.

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Clavis Sinica Support My Business Career Much More


  People around the world have begun to study the Chinese language for a variety of reasons,...

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Mandarin Education for Tomorow's Leaders

People around the world have begun to study Mandarin to improve their chances of employment, to help them negotiate international business agreements, or to enhance their travel experiences.

What makes us different?

Clavis Sinica, the secrets which Europeans have been looking for more than 300 years.


The Clavis Sinica learning system is designed to assist Chinese learners to have a smoother study experience and act as an introductory lesson for prospective students.

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Research & Business

According to Clavis Sinica's practice, Zero-based foreigners can master 2600 Chinese Characters and reach intermediate level in 18 months' time.

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More Than Just Mandarin

You can learn a lot more than Chinese language, including Chinese culture, Chinese literature, Chinese history, Chinese geography and more here.

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