Timothy Law Snyder

John Chu, the president of Clavis Sinica Academy

Fundamental Stokes and high-frequency phonetic element, learn 108 Chinese Characters;

High-ability semantic elements,master 1050 Chinese Characters;

High-ability basic Chinese characters,master 910 Chinese Characters;

high-frequency Chinese characters, master 600 Chinese Characters;

You can learn a lot more than Chinese language, including Chinese culture, Chinese literature, Chinese history, Chinese geography and more.

We have produced over 16000 bilingual videos,including Chinese characters, poetry and prose, four books and five classics, and so on, You can learn Chinese more conveniently, and understand China faster.

Mr. Chu is a Ph.D.in Economics and a Doctor of Fine Arts. His second doctoral dissertation successfully answered Leibniz’s 14 questions about Chinese learning. He was named one of the six characters of the impact on China's education in 2015.