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Yun Nan,China

You can now gain academic credit for your China internship program.


Option 1

You can gain up to six credits on our standard 2 weeks internship program.  You will need to be officially accepte, and will have additional tasks to perform, such as an internship journal and a final paper to submit for grading.  

You should check before confirming your place on the program that your current University will accept these credits.  We can assist with further information.

Option 2 

Not only will you complete a 2 week academic course covering key aspects of the Chinese business world, but in addition you can put theory into practice in an internship tailored to your needs.

On successful completion, you will gain 9-12 credit units.

What’s included:

Our credit bearing programs include the following:

 Academic support and personal guidance from a Orient faculty supervisor throughout the period of the two week Chinese Culture and Language Course.

 Visa processing

 Pre-departure advice and assistance with booking of flights.

 Online and phone support

 Accommodation for duration of program

 Welcome banquet

 Welcome pack

 SIM card and city guide and Travel Card

 Online academic support from a Orient faculty supervisor throughout the period of the internship.

 Induction course and cultural training

 Beginner Mandarin lessons

 Social and Cultural activities

 Business and networking events

 English speaking supervisor during your internship

For more information on our accredited program please feel free to get in touch with us.