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    A Brief History of the Chinese Writing System

    The study of Chinese character components has traditionally played a role in teaching Chinese. Although the importance of the component has never

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    Chinese Character Hanyu Pinyin

    The pronunciation of Chinese Mandarin characters follows the official phonetic system called Pinyin which transcribes characters into the Latin

  • Beyond the College: Taking Classes at the Graduate Schools

    Chinese Character History

    The Chinese written system is ideographic. Each character is composed of a few differently shaped lines called “strokes” within an imaginary

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    Chinese Character Strokes

    As a wonderful production, Chinese character was brought to us through the 5000-year long history and culture of China.

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    Chinese Computer Input Methods

    In order to understand the nature of Chinese computer-based writing, this section introduces Chinese computer input methods. For the purpose of

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    Chinese Word

    Just as in English, words in Chinese are the basic element for a sentence. Words (with no space in between) plus punctuation form a normal

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    Chinese characters are monosyllabic, which means each character corresponds to one syllable. Unlike most other languages that are discrete in

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    How Chinese Student learn Chinese Characters now?

    Children in China learn the characters in schools by learning to use them in practice. This can be clearly seen in the way that most popular

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    Integrated Approach

    Adopting an integrated approach, 鄢文俊 Yan and 盧正體 Lu in 四川井研 Jingyan, Sichuan used meaningful texts in which a family of characters with certain

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    Learning the Characters by Rationales

    A more meaningful way to learn the written forms of the characters is to take advantage of the historical origin of how the characters were

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    Mandarin learning anxiety

    Mandarin has become an important language because of China’s increasingly important role in international trade. Chinese is formally spoken by

  • Uni tour: getting to know the new school

    Mandarin, Chinese simplified, Chinese traditional and Cantonese

    In most parts of Mainland China, people use the simplified scripts of Chinese characters, whereas in some other regions like Hong Kong and

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    Our improvement about this program

    The Clavis Sinica learning system is designed to assist current learners of Chinese to have a smoother study experience and act as an

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    Properties of the Chinese Orthography

    The orthographic structure of Chinese can be considered from three levels: characters, components, and strokes. Characters can be subdivided into

  • Night thesis paper - Research papers

    Simple Characters

    Chinese characters can be analyzed into one or more components 部件[bù jiàn]. The simplest case is those characters of only one component, i.e.,

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    The challenge to Learn Chinese Characters

    Chinese is one of the most commonly used languages in the world, spoken by almost one fifth of the world’s population. With the recent influx of

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    Three, Hundred and Thousand

    The most traditional way to teach Chinese characters is the use of 三字經 Three Character Scripture (Three), 百家姓 Hundred Family Names