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    A Brief History of the Chinese Writing System

    The study of Chinese character components has traditionally played a role in teaching Chinese. Although the importance of the component has never

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    Chinese Character Features

    Chinese written language is a logographic system in which a unique symbol, character, is used to represent lexical morphemes and each character

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    Chinese Character Strokes

    As a wonderful production, Chinese character was brought to us through the 5000-year long history and culture of China.

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    Chinese Word

    Just as in English, words in Chinese are the basic element for a sentence. Words (with no space in between) plus punctuation form a normal

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    Disadvantages of current Chinese language learning methods?

    Study in China, it will cost 4 years’ time or more; or

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    Eight elements to learn Chinese Character


    Each Chinese character or radical has its own Roman letters (Hanyu Pinyin) representing its unique

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    From Basic to More Characters

    Since the tradition of teaching Chinese characters using 三百千 Three, Hundred and Thousandwas thrown into question, attempts were made in

  • Graduation Night: Laugh and Tears

    Logical-aggregate Characters

    In 會意字[huì yì zì] logical-aggregate characters, the meanings of the components are “added up” to indicate the meanings of the whole

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    Our improvement about this program

    The Clavis Sinica learning system is designed to assist current learners of Chinese to have a smoother study experience and act as an

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    Semantic-phonetic Characters

    The overwhelming majority of 90.0% of Chinese characters instead fall into the category of 形聲字 semantic-phonetic characters.

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    Simple Characters

    Chinese characters can be analyzed into one or more components 部件[bù jiàn]. The simplest case is those characters of only one component, i.e.,

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    The challenge to Learn Chinese Characters

    Chinese is one of the most commonly used languages in the world, spoken by almost one fifth of the world’s population. With the recent influx of

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    Wild Association

    Instead of making reference to the historical origins of the characters, 李衛民 Li in 浙江溫嶺 Wenling, Zhejiang suggests a more liberated approach to