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  • Become our students: how to apply

    Chinese Character Features

    Chinese written language is a logographic system in which a unique symbol, character, is used to represent lexical morphemes and each character

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    Chinese Character Strokes

    As a wonderful production, Chinese character was brought to us through the 5000-year long history and culture of China.

  • National Census of Writing releases survey results

    Chinese morphology

    Written Chinese has two levels of morphological structure. One is at the component level and the other is at the word level. At the first level,

  • What to expect from the new Library

    Chinese Word

    Just as in English, words in Chinese are the basic element for a sentence. Words (with no space in between) plus punctuation form a normal

  • How To Add Rigor To Anything

    Learning the Characters in Texts

    The essence of an extensive approach is that the reason to learn the characters is only to provide the conditions for reading and writing.

  •  What Close Reading Actually Means

    Listening for Learning the Characters

    Along similar lines, the approach of 谷錦屏 Gu in 天津 Tianjin is to let pre-school children listen to the recitation of texts everyday as a